Thursday, October 18, 2012

Micronouvelle de Jacques Fuentealba: "[La normalidad]

Jacques Fuentealba, Invocaciones y otras elucubraciones,
Ediciones Efímeras, 2008

Jacques Fuentealba est un romancier, nouvelliste, anthologiste, traducteur et micronouvelliste né en 1977. Diplômé de la Sorbonne il a rédigé plusieurs centaines de micronouvelles, dont une bonne quantité sur la Fabrique de Littérature Microscopique qu'il anime avec Benoît Giuseppin et Karim Berrouka, et d'autres en recueils : Invocations et autres élucubrations (éditions Efimeras en ligne), Scribuscules (éditions Clef d'Argent) et Tout feu tout flamme (chez Outworld).

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It´s a hard crisis

Source of the image

Figure 1: It´s a hard crisis. I used to visit the psychologist but now I must be satisfied by telling everything to a taxi driver. 
Figure 2: Talk calmly. Now I drive a taxi, but I´m really a psychologist.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Interview with Lauro Zavala about sudden fiction

Lauro Zavala. Source of the imagen

I retake this interview with Lauro Zavala, published two years ago in Letras de Chile. Zavala is one of the most important specialists in sudden fiction (we call them "microrrelatos", the denomination Zavala prefers, but there are many other names). 
If you are interested in very short stories (I´m sure of it), you will enjoy this interview.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I wanna be a poet (by Forges)

Cartoon by Forges. Source of the imagen

Character 1: "You must learn to read and to write because if not you´ll never be able to sign mortgages, precarious contract, release documents...

Character 2: Yes, but besides that I want to learn as soon as possible because I wanna be a poet.

Antonio Fraguas de Pablo (Forges), born in Madrid in 1942, is one of the best Spanish cartoonists. He is the inventor of Spanish neologisms as "gensanta, stupendo, bocata, firulillo, esborcio...", based in colloquial lenguage.  
To know more about him, you can visit his web

A proof-reader opinions

Proof-reader. Source of the imagen

Opiniones de un corrector de estilo (A prouf-reader opinions) is a section in for those who love to improve his writing in Spanish language. In these posts I explain which are some of the corrections a proof-reader uses to do in texts before their printing.

These are some of those opiniones. I hope you enjoy them.