Saturday, November 3, 2012

My preferred epitaph

poeta Vicente Huidobro
Poet Vicente Huidobro. Source of the image

Which is your preferred epitaph? It´s not easy to say. There are some very funny, but if I should have to name one, only one, I think this by the great poet Vicente Huidobro, very fond on the sea, would be my selection. 

“Aquí yace el poeta Vicente Huidobro / Abrid la tumba / Al fondo de esta tumba se ve el mar”.
Vicente Huidobro

You can read other writers epitaphs in this post by María Carvajal: "Epitafios en las tumbas de escritores. Tumbas que hablan", published in And don´t forget to tell us which is your preferred epitaph!

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